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Circuit Design/Schematic Capture Service

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  • We design all kinds of electronic circuits
  • Supply your own circuit or let us create it for you
  • Broad experience with digital, micro-controller circuits, analogue, op-amp and PSU circuits
  • Communications technology including USB, RS232, I2C, SPI, GSM etc
  • Design from scratch or update existing designs for cost savings
  • With a broad range of electronics design expertise we can design your circuit schematic for you
  • Integrate your hardware with a professional PC Graphical User Interface
  • Convert your design to CAD from sketches
  • Test new ideas before committing to PCBs
  • Use of the latest CAD software
  • Convert the schemitic to a PCB and procure sample boards from trusted quality fabricators
  • Build and test your prototypes for you
  • Manage production samples and handover to your chosen assembler
  • Examples: PIC micro-controllers, linear/buck/boost PSUs, SCR & IGBT, LED & LCD display, Communications, RS232/USB, GSM for mobile phone communications, and many more
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Founded in 2014 and incorporated as a limited company in 2017, 3K Electronic Designs Ltd is your local partner in the electronics design process. With a wealth of 25+ years multinational experience in electronics. Call today to get your design moving fast!
Microchip Authorized Design Partner

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Located in Oakham, Rutland, East Midlands, UK

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