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Core Services

Electronic circuit design and schematic capture

PCB design and prototyping

Embedded software and Windows Graphical User Interface

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Microchip Authorized Design Partner

  • 3K Electronic Designs Ltd is proud to be enrolled in the Microchip Authorized Design Partner Programme
  • Benifits include priority technical support from Microchip
  • Priority sample support
  • So we can better meet our customers needs

PCB Layout

  • Single sided, double sided or multilayer
  • SMT, through hole or mixed technology
  • We use the latest CAD software
  • Supply your own circuit or let us create it for you
  • We can design from scratch or update existing designs
  • Procure boards for prototypes and small batches
  • Fast turnaround

Electronic Circuit Design

  • We design all kinds of electronic circuits
  • Broad experience with digital, micro-controller circuits, analogue, op-amp and PSU circuits
  • Communications technology including USB, RS232, I2C, SPI, GSM etc
  • Supply your own circuit or let us create it for you
  • We can design from scratch or update existing designs
  • Generate schematics with the latest CAD software

Software/Firmware Design

  • We design software/ firmware using the latest tools
  • Use of highly versitile Atmel or PIC microcontollers and other brands
  • Can integrate with custom PC app
  • Can include USB and/or GSM communications, and many other protocols
  • Assemby language programming if needed

Microchip PIC

  • We specialise in Microchip PIC microcontrollers
  • Use the latest Microchip IDE and debugging tools
  • Fully customised software/firmware programmed in C
  • Fully customised bespoke hardware design
  • Low power battery powered designs


  • Get project up and running fast using versatile Arduino hardware platform
  • Utilise available software libraries
  • Customize software as necessary
  • Prove design with minimal development costs
  • For production, design custom PCB for best economy


  • Hand build and prove your prototype boards
  • Most SMT or through hole is no problem
  • Debug and develop your project ready for production
  • Produce bill of materials, test instructions and other production documents

Remote control/monitoring products

  • Checkout our existing CommandRight products
  • Available to buy now
  • Flexible, convenient and secure
  • Monitor (get alerts) and control from a mobile phone

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Located in Oakham, Rutland, East Midlands, UK

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Founded in 2014 and incorporated as a limited company in 2017, 3K Electronic Designs Ltd is committed to excellence in electronic design and we strive to exceed our customer expectations whenever possible. The founder and chief design engineer has 25+ years multinational experience in electronics.

Microchip Authorized Design Partner